I know we all say that they are important, but I had a great reminder of this on Friday, both relative to my grappling and my weightlifting.

Last week I decided to go back to my Spider Guard, something that has been a stable of my game for a long time but that I had gotten away from in order to work on new things.  I felt pretty comfortable with it and was able to shoot triangles consistently, but I was horrible at finishing them and got passed almost as often.  After a frustrating 90 minutes I was getting ready to leave and ran into my instructor, it took him two seconds to diagnose my problem and it was a matter of inches in the placement of my hips….details.

After that I went to visit a friend and former training partner of mine who opened up his own training studio.  We were going to get a work out in while we caught up and headed out to see some other friends.  On my first warm up set of lateral raises, he adjusted my head position and it completely changed my workout (yes, I am still sore)…..again, details.

I don’t think I need to make a point to end this post, as we all know what it is, just thought some personal experience might be a helpful reminder.

Fight Harder! Fight Longer!



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