the importance of a warmup (my first lesson learned about training hurt)

I don’t want to say “training with injuries” anymore, because as Bolo pointed out on the UG, you simply shouldn’t be training when you are injured. When I started writing about training hurt on this blog below, I used a template from Alwyn Cosgrove before my strength training workouts and noticed a marked difference in my flexibility, mobility and ability to train during these workouts.

This got me to thinking about how I warmed up when I got out on the mats, and the simple truth is, as often as not I didn’t warm up at all. At some point, I quit treating my time on the mats like the workouts there were. I think this was for two reasons, one of which was time. As business has grown, I didn’t have the time to “hang out” at the gym like I had in the past so I was more likely to sneak in a workout. Likewise, as I trained with more talented competitors, I got into the habit that many of them had of merely easing into training (of course, they could ease into as they could crush me with little effort, something lost on me as I “eased in” alongside them).

Last week, I tried it both ways, and to say the least the difference was beyond significant. By following the same 20-30 minutes mobility, pre/rehab protocol that I would before strength training I was able to train without pain, loss of mobility and I also found that I seemed less likely to get those new aches and pains that I had become quite proficient at “obtaining”. Oh, did I mention that I rolled much better as well?

What does this mean for me going forward? Two things:

  1. I will make the time and effort to go through my regular warm up before mat sessions (class and/or open mat)
  2. I’m not going to train if I can’t get in a good warm up. What is worth doing is worth doing right

I’ll keep on posting how it goes!

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