what are people saying about Explosive Endurance Formula?

A while back I posted some forum threads talking about Tactical Nutrition and Explosive Endurance Formula, but that’s only part of the picture. In the past year, fighters using Tactical Nutrition have participated in: UFC, WEC, IFL, Elite XC, Strikeforce, Pan Ams, NAGA, Grappler’s Quest, Mundials, United Fight League, MFC, Rage in the Cage, World Fighting Championship, Bonecrunch Fighting and Art of Fighting promotion.

What do these athletes say about our product? We’re assembling a full list of testimonials now, but here’s a sampling:

“I was first introduced to Tactical Nutrition a few months ago. Since using their products I have noticed great gains and had increased energy levels during my training. I am able to train harder during my workouts, and still feel great afterwards. Tactical Nutrition is now a part of my everyday training routine”
–Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, Team Jackson, WEC Lightweight Contender

“I just received the product yesterday and took it about an hour before i got to the gym, and WOW!!! It was one of my greatest workouts i have had in a long time! And that was my first time taking it! I look forward to the rest of my training sessions being that much more intense !

Thank you Tactical Nutrition,”
Roger Mejia, Arizona Combat Sports, Rage in the Cage Contender

“I get long lasting energy for my workouts without crashing like with coffee or many other energy products.  It helps me fight smarter.”

Nicolai Cury, ATT, 5x Brazilian National Champ (Judo), 2-0 as a professional fighter (Elite XC, AOF)

“Explosive Endurance has given me what I need to train harder, longer.  And more importantly as an MMA fighter, helps me to recover quicker between rounds”

James Douglas, United Fight League, Elite Cage Fighting
“I have never been into energy drinks or feeling wired but as I get older I was looking for something that could assist with the toughest part of the workout for me which is the warm up. Explosive Endurance allowed me to warm up much easier and really work harder and longer without feeling wired and without a crash. The feeling was subtle yet effective and I noticed that when I took it I always had a good day with a pleasant sense of well being. I used it for my last fight which was just weeks prior to my 40th birthday and my training and performance was better because of it. I would recommend Explosive Endurance for anyone looking to train and perform their best.”
Warren Donley, UKC Welterweight Champion

“The product is great.  Great energy that pulls me through my weight cutting workouts.”

Muhsin Corbbrey, Champions Training Center, Elite XC and HD Net Fights Champion

“I love your stuff!  I could see a difference in the fighters immediately, much more focus and better recovery.”

“Benkei” Andre Vinicius Aurnheimer Ferreira, former Conditioning Coach ATT, trainer to stars such as Thiago “Pitbull” Alves, Antonio Silva, Jorge Santiago
There is plenty more to come, including some data on a reaction speed test we ran using the product, look for them soon.

Just a reminder, we’ve made Tactical Nutrition “recession proof” by offering it at wholesale during these tough economic times.  To get your bottle, risk free, for only $19.95 click here.

Fight Harder! Fight Longer!


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