Congratulations Cole Miller!

A dominant performance last night from one of the truly great guys in our sport.  Cole came back after knee surgery and reminded everyone that he is a force to be reckoned with at 155.

Cole was one of the first professional fighters to give Explosive Endurance Formula a try and it was a real honor when he told me it was going to play a role in his rehab.  I consider Cole a friend, a great person and came off my seat at 130 this morning (had to TiVo the fight and watch it when my flight landed) to cheer for him.

In case you didn’t know, Cole filmed some technique videos for us a while back, showing some of his Gi skills and his great understanding of and passion for BJJ.  What is really amazing about this is that before we filmed that morning, Cole had gotten up at 5am to compete in a triathlon!

I thought I’d post Cole’s videos again, they really are worth viewing!


Don’t forget, Explosive Endurance Formula is available at a promotional price of $19.95, and we have now have T-shirts and Gi Patches available to let everyone know you Fight Harder and Fight Longer!

Fight Harder! Fight Longer!

Tactical Nutrition


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