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Came across a blog this morning that I really enjoyed and wanted to share.  The blog is called Angrygrappler, and the post that first really got my attention was his “Trends of the Pan Ams” (click here).  I really enjoyed it and plan to take another look at it relative to my game (and another post I am working on).  Below are a few of his comments that first caught my attention:

Blue Belts

I saw blue belts grab a grip and get married to it. No improvements on grips to better grips.

Saw hard time controlling posture or not controlling posture at all, just going for sweeps or subs.

Purple Belts

Better posture control.

Still lots of triangles but now the sets ups are less scrambly. Lot of climbing the leg up the back and keeping their posture down and staying tight. Either to armbar or triangle.

A much higher level of conditioning.

Black Belts

Patient in all positions.

Black belt pressure as opposed to purple and brown relentlessness. More of a constant pressure.

Black belts take care, take time, and cultivate their grips like expert gardeners eliminating all gaps and air holes.

Some food for thought, as I expect that there are more people wondering what it will take to get to blue or purple (like myself).  One of Angrygrappler’s comments was that the Purple Belt Conditioning was much better, and he also commented about a more dynamic game.  This is not a fluke in my mind, as I have written before, I believe Conditioning may be the most important attribute as it improves any technique.  I think improving conditioning, whether it be due to a concerted effort or because of regular, hard work on the mats, is a major component of making the leap to Blue or Purple.

Thank you Angrygrappler for your review of PanAms.

Fight Harder! Fight Longer!

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1 Response to “Blog Worth Reading for fans of BJJ”

  1. 1 Angrygrappler
    April 25, 2009 at 12:37 am

    Cool man. Glad you enjoyed my post. Will check out your site further.

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