Two More Classes

I got to teach two more classes since my last post, but things get back to normal tomorrow. To say it was a blast wouldn’t do it justice, not just did I have a great time, but I picked up so much myself from everyone’s questions and from having to teach it rather than merely “do it”.

I followed the same general format as the first class, lots of drilling and focused rolling, and emphasized working basic attacks together.  The second class was the “triple attack” and the third was the basic guard pass I’ve used 75% of the time since I started rolling…and maintaining a solid “combat” base once the guard was opened.

It’s been a week now since my last class and every day I’ve received a comment from someone about what they learned those days….and it’s has been awesome to see a few of the guys actively incorporating the ideas we spoke about.

My instructors often tell me that they’ll be ecstatic if I ever catch them with a submission, today I almost got caught by one of the transitions I taught and I was excited beyond words.  I still escaped and countered, but hey, that’s what my instructors do to me, too.

On another note, I’m expecting a steady stream of video to be posted here over the next few weeks, as we try some new stuff, so keep on checking back!


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