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Cole Miller sporting his Tactical Nutrition Shirt with the MMA Girls!

How much better could this get?  Tactical Nutrition and the MMA Girls!

A few videos in case you haven’t seen them:

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Fight Harder! Fight Longer!

Tactical Nutrition


an update to something i am strugging with

What I’ve realized since I posted this is that it’s more than simply aggression, because I love it when I get to train against bigger strong guys and I LOVE wars with more experienced / skilled opponents, I really relish those moments. That being said, even though I’m going hard, I prefer to play a controlled game and I’ll just have to make certain that “my toolbox” is large and sharpened enough to handle the people who throw me off when they come aroud. Maybe it’s my ego, maybe it’s a bit of fear or suprise at having to work harder/ finish my technique, but either way it’s still on me.

The other thing I have realized is that being my size, I’m going to be larger than most of my opponents in class, and the effort that I’m makng to not use my size/strength will only make my game better. It’s a great opportunity, as long as I remember to keep my game tight when I’m rolling light.